Joshgsan VO
Accomplished, bilingual voice talent you can trust.

José Santaella is a bilingual Voiceover Talent who has a bit of experience in acting on television.

He worked on the radio and has been producing audio for commercial use for a few years now.

José is native to Venezuela and speaking Spanish as his primary language.

Noted for his husky, motivational & persuasive personas he is an extremely versatile performer who has worked for several brands, clients, and Products, in both, English General American accent, and Spanish Latin American Neutral accent.

He records from his home studio which had allowed him to work for all sorts of wonderful clients from all over the world.

José is also known for always being reasonable, even when it comes to (*) payment options.

That is why he has a variety of payment options available regardless of what part of the World you are currently in.

  • (*)
    • Bank transfer/ACH deposits within the US. Regularly used option.
      • Transferwise and Zelle. More used and preferred options.
        • Euro and GBP Transfer/deposits option Available.

 * Due to some unfortunate issues Paypal is NOT currently being accepted.